Waterbury Button Company

I was searching for information about some WWII era uniform buttons and happened on the Waterbury Button Company website.  I got an eyeful of the different military designs as well as a history of the company.

The company began making buttons in 1812, during wartime and has over 40,000 different dies for making pressed metal buttons.  During the civil war, both the North and South used Waterbury  buttons on their uniforms.  And all branches of US military service still use Waterbury buttons on their uniforms. Today, Waterbury career apparel

Waterbury Uniform Buttons

Waterbury Air Force Uniform Buttons

 buttons are the choice of hundreds of police and fire departments, colleges and universities, cruise lines, theme parks, bands, private organizations and corporations. 

Waterbury buttons usually have a backstamp with the company name.  And distinctive fasteners in a variety of styles.  The website is an excellent place to start in identifying a uniform button as they have lots of photos of the most common styles.

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  1. WILL DUGGAN says:

    Ralph Lauren bass polo buttons for blazer sleeve. Do you stock ?
    Cross mallets with helmet. 1980’s

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